Mandy White


Mandy White is the first Jordan Brand Able-Bodied Track Athlete. She is the daughter of Jordan Brand’s Senior Vice President, Howard “H” White and was born into the Jordan Brand as her father helped to build “Uncle MJ’s” sportswear empire. While you might expect someone with that type of upbringing to sit back and flaunt their unlimited access to sneakers, Mandy chose to prove that she belonged by becoming a top-class track and field athlete at the University of Oregon. Eventually her painstaking training and on-the-track results led to a one-of-a-kind endorsement deal from the brand that was built into her DNA. She’s one of only a handful of track athletes under the Jordan Brand umbrella. Powering through leg ailments, knee surgery, and Crohn’s disease, Mandy nearly qualified for the 2016 Olympics. Today, Mandy continues to excel beyond her collegiate records through hard work, practice, and dedication.


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