David “OG ONE” Jackson


The DJ

David Jackson, aka O.G.ONE, is one of the industries most respected DJs. With over 20+ years of experience, O.G.ONE is considered legendary in the Pacific Northwest.

O.G.ONE’s ability to connect with people through his musical skills on the 1’s & 2’s, and Business integrity, has landed him spots him on stages, and at iconic events and parties. He has appeared at NBA All-Star Weekend, the Super Bowl, and countless other commercial radio and national television appearances. He finds himself in the company of A-list celebrities such as  Michael Jordan, Damian Lillard, and Mike Phillips/ 

O.G.ONE is CEO of One God Productions Inc., Leadertainment, Co-Founder of Portland’s Hip Hop Week & Portland Black Music Expo, Founder of The Hip Hop Collective PDX, and currently the Official DJ of the Portland Trail Blazers. O.G.ONE also curates and produces a weekly video show called “In These Streetz” which is live on www.mixcloud.com/djogone. 

The Community Activist

Respected author, activist, and educator, David Jackson has been making a huge stamp on the world by delivering messages to youth and adults, pushing them to live their full potential. Over the years he has dedicated himself to breaking the cycle of crime, hopelessness, and despair that many youth face.  Born in Falls Church, Virginia and raised in Watts, California, Jackson is no stranger to the issues that vex our communities,

Like some other young men in these days, O.G.ONE has had his share of run-ins with gang life, community ills, and obstacles to success. 

Jackson is an inspiration to many and sets an example on how important it is to not let your circumstances dictate your outcomes. His biggest battle has been fighting stage three colorectal cancer, waking up from surgery blind  with total loss of use in his right arm, yet overcoming it, becoming cancer-free, and sharing his inspiring journey. 

He has won awards for his business and community efforts, youth activism, and philanthropy which nclude: 2019 Best of Portland Award for DJ & Music Production, 2019 Hip Hop Honoree Award, 2012 Emerald Award, 2011 Ellechor Media Award, the KPTV Oregon’s 12 For Kid’s Sake Award, Indiana University Center for Philanthropy Achievement Award, and Police Activities League (PAL) Unsung Hero Award for being an example of positive mentoring and leadership in the community.

When asked why he has given so much of himself, he says, “God sends people through various life experiences in preparation to serve in God’s vision for us. I see myself as a public servant for God, and every pain, struggle and hardships I’ve experienced in my life were strategically designed for my development in faith. The gifts or talents given to me thru music, leadership and coaching/mentoring, I see as tools given for me to inspire hope, faith and positive citizenship.” 

Sharing his life and youth, O.G. ONE has become a pioneer for his community. He is also a pioneer within his family; he has been married for over 28 years, is a father of six children, and a grandfather of three. There is much more to O.G.ONE than meets the eye, and he brings a level of realism and relevancy to all that he says.

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