About Simple X

Despite coming from different backgrounds and career fields, our founders, Yoseph Ukbazghi and Wilson Kubwayo were brought together by a shared goal. They recognized a lack of spaces for Black professionals to come together in Portland, and they wanted to remediate this issue. Hence, in 2018, they founded Simple X. 


Since then, they have hosted a variety of events, mixers, and summits. They have brought together wide-ranging groups of Black professionals and featured exciting keynote speakers such as Intel Foundation President, Pia Wilson-Body and the First African-American Footwear Designer, Wilson Smith III. Their events and programs aim to help bridge the gap between Black professionals and the workforce by developing networking opportunities, showcasing inspiring stories, and providing resources.


In its efforts to create talent parity for Black professionals, Simple X also works with companies to attract and retain Black talent. They are creating a pathway for employers to source exceptional talent. 

Ukbazghi and Kubwayo recognize that where there is opportunity, there comes responsibility. As Simple X continues to grow and strive towards its mission, providing the highest quality of service is our top priority.

Co-founders Yoseph Ukbazghi and Wilson Kubwayo were inducted into the Portland Business Journal Class of 2020 Forty Under 40.

Our Vision

A workforce with talent parity -- where Black professionals are equally represented, supported, and valued.

Our Mission

To work alongside Black professionals and companies to generate opportunities, foster connections, and develop success.

Our Approach

Engaging the community through events, learning programs, and job placement so professionals and employers alike benefit.

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