Event Recap: Showing Up Authentically

June 2020 Mixer | Shari Dunn, Ronnie Wright, & Ben Kenyon

On Thursday, June 25th, 2020, we came together for an intimate conversation about navigating social, economic, and corporate spaces as a Black professional.

Featured Guests:

Ronnie Wright is the Senior Creative Design Director of Nike by You. Although his first love is music, he has showcased his other creative talents in 25 years of product design for iconic brands including Adidas, Nike, and Jordan. His creative philosophy is rooted in the thought of collective potential and is supported by three pillars (The Power of The Tongue – Be a Sponge – Group Perspective).

Shari Dunn is the CEO of Dress for Success Oregon, as well as a public speaker, social entrepreneur, innovator, and educator. She has over 20 years of experience in law, executive management, policy, equity-focused work, and media. Shari is a sought after thought leader who, with her vast experience, can help translate the equity goals of organizations and institutions into action-based results.

Ben Kenyon is the CEO of the Great Day Squad and a Portland Trail Blazers Performance Coach. He has spent 14 years of his career learning how to navigate and perform within high-stress environments, growing personally & professionally along the way. One of his core values is being outrageously optimistic, and he believes this work is necessary if you want to step outside of your comfort and push to the edge.