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Company Description

Talence Group

Talence Group finds the leaders who create the future. Combining our global reach with a deep understanding of how people work together, we match exceptional talent with extraordinary companies.

The Talence Technique


In this kick-off phase, we’ll meet with key stakeholders to develop a rich understanding of your company’s mission and culture. We’ll dig deep to identify outcomes needed and long-term expectations. Armed with these critical insights, we’ll then develop a comprehensive job profile.

Candidate Search + Calibration

Time to start the recruitment process. We’ll build a robust candidate pipeline drawing from our global network and keeping a keen eye on diversity. This phase includes regular check-ins to review and calibrate. We’ll then present the finalists with full candidate summaries.

Interview + Finalist Selection

As part of our intensive collaboration, we’ll determine the ideal interview squad. We’ll then craft customized topics and questions to yield critical information. Through timely debrief sessions we’ll be with you in lockstep as we collectively identify the top candidate for the position.

Offer + Checks

Finding the perfect match doesn’t end with the selection. At this stage we’ll develop all of the details of the offer. We’ll conduct thorough reference and background checks. And once everything’s set, we’ll extend the offer to the chosen candidate.


This is where “the rubber meets the road.” Working with your team, we’ll set the start date. And then we’ll map out a full onboarding plan to ensure success is baked in from the start. This final stage is essential for laying the foundation for a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.