Combating Implicit Bias

  • Duration 2h
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  • Last Update June 22, 2021


This webinar will highlight the intersectional nature of bias as a facet of diversity, equity, and inclusion by analyzing the neuro-cognitive science behind unconscious bias, stereotyping, and our primary need to belong. In this session, participants will examine the concept of implicit bias, explore neuroimaging studies that demonstrate decision-making automatically triggers specific regions of the brain responsible for unconscious processing, the rationale for integrating cultural humility into their daily lives, and the several recommendations on how to do so to combat unconscious bias. 

Learning Objectives

    • Dissecting the Neuroscience of Bias
    • Examining the Intersectionality of Bias and Structural Racism 
    • Increasing Equity Consciousness to Understand what is Needed to Create a Healthy environment for All
    • Intended Outcomes for the course (Upon successful completion, attendees should be able to:
    • How to define bias and one’s implicit bias identity
    • Exploring the neurobiology of implicit bias
    • A common vocabulary that allows for self-improvement, continued growth and perspective-taking in cross-cultural situations
    • Learning strategies to engage as a positive force for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Join presenter Dr. Anita Randolph who seeks to not only shed light on this important matter but also offer tools for effectively and proactively addressing these matters in your everyday life.

Course Requirements:

    • Online. Computer Preparation
    • No prerequisites are required for this course and a website is NOT required. 

Important Details: 

    • This course will occur completely online using Zoom and Teams
    • You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection
    • Pre-work and course set up information will be emailed to all registered guests

Each individual course participant must register to attend.

Individuals requiring real-time captioning/closed captions or other accommodations should contact SimpleX as soon as possible.