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Simple X, LLC.
Po. Box 5922
Portland, OR 97228
Phone: (503) 383-9275

Building the Future

Simple X was founded in 2018 to empower individuals and organizations by designing a space for people to connect, create, and cultivate their path to success. Creating space for collaboration, providing information, and connecting individuals to resources. Each Simple X business venture is rooted in equity, knowledge distribution, and customer satisfaction.

Simple X Mixer is a premier networking event for black professionals:

“Connecting black professionals in a curated safe space.”

Simple X Stories is a multimedia platform for people to share their path to success:
“Creating a blueprint to success by sharing stories of leaders & entrepreneurs.”

Simple X Agency is a platform that offers professional development workshops, and diversity, equity & inclusion services:
“Cultivating relationships by bridging the gap between black professionals & the corporate sector.”